Streamlight Survivor LED Rechargeable Flashlight

$63.27$151.69 $61.69$148.18 (as of December 11, 2018, 2:12 pm)

Features C4® LED technology with four lighting modes: High for a super-bright beam that pierces through smoke: 175 lumens; 36,000 candela; 379m beam distance; runs 3.5 hours Low for bright light and longer run time: 60 lumens; 12,000 candela; 219m beam distance; runs 13 hours Flash for signaling: runs 8 hours Moonlight mode provides low-level lighting for battery conservation: runs 20 days
IPX4 water-resistant; 2 meter impact resistance tested
Redesigned model features low-profile “Total Internal Reflection” optic that provides a wider beam and optimum peripheral illumination to aid in navigation, and features two optional, interchangeable Smoke-Cutter® plugs for preferred beam pattern: Black plug significantly reduces peripheral light for a tighter beam Amber plug reduces peripheral light and eye fatigue caused by glare As always, by not using either plug, you get the traditional Survivor beam.