OPT7 Fluxbeam CORE LED Headlight Bulbs with FX-7500 CREE Chip Plug-N-Play Conversion Kit – 6,000LM 6000K Cool White – Built. Not Bought.

$49.99$59.99 (as of January 22, 2019, 2:36 am)

► ALL NEW FX-7500 LED Chip for H3 Bulb Type: THIS is where the money is spent. 20% More efficient than the prior model, the CORE V2 uses an all new LED FX-7500 chipset that runs cooler and puts the light output where it’s supposed to go. There is a reason other can go cheap. When you go with a non-automotive focused engineered led chipset, it’s bright, but nearly all the output of it goes wasted/scattered.
► BUILT. NOT BOUGHT: Engineered. Designed. Tested. Right here in the USA. Our H3 Core v.2 Kit factors everything that other LED Headlight kits don’t. FX-7500 custom automotive angled LED Chipsets. CAD designed and flow tested heat sink and led pole design. 1500 HR Heat and Cold Chamber Testing.
► LUMENS AREN’T EVERYTHING: If you looked around, the uneducated buyer would assume only lumens is the end all be all. As headlight designers, we know. LUX- How Far the light is pushed and Color Render Index (How crisp the light is) are EQUALLY important. Ask yourself if those others LED’s using office space led chipsets factored this in their design.