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This Harness Fixes cars with 2 pcs H4 plug headlamps, such as 7×6 led headlights. Problems like Dim Headlights, Flickering Headlights, Back Feeding Power, Malfunctioning Headlights when using Hi/Low Beams can be fixed with this H4 headlight wire harness relay.Make a big improvement for visibility on your cars at night.
【IMPORTANT NOTICE】As Toyota Pickup and Toyota Tocoma use a double ground which leads to the headlights not work or only one beam work, this Harness is a must to fix the problem. It may be still complicated to wire in some new relays to run the headlights properly, TAKE IT EASY, it is not the issue of product quality, only because wiring circuit of Toyota series is a little complicated.
Perfectly match KASLIGHT H6054 6054 7X6 led headlights. Buying our 7×6 headlights(https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B7M9DTC) and this H4 headlamp wire harness relay can enjoy discount, please refer to the promotions in this page.