Flush Mount LED Bolt

$9.99 (as of November 16, 2018, 5:38 am)

PACKS A HUGE PUNCH – TINIEST & BRIGHTEST FLUSH MOUNT LED: Customers who use these eagle eye LED tag lights say they’re the IDEAL BALANCE between VALUE, PREMIUM QUALITY & BRIGHTNESS. They’re ELEGANT & TINY enough to be DISCREET during the DAYTIME – yet BOLD enough to POP at NIGHT, making them perfect LED lighting to light up your trucks bar, car interior, motorcycle license plate, or any ambient interior lighting or underglow project.
THE MOST RUGGED FLUSH MOUNT DESIGN – HIGHEST BUILD QUALITY – IP67 WATERPROOF: This isn’t cheaply made junk from overseas. In fact, each OZNIUM LED is housed inside a TANK-DURABLE threaded aluminum housing encapsulated in ultra-tough silicone, with silicone sealing on the wires backside. Plus their EXTREMELY LOW PROFILE “out of the way” FLUSH MOUNT DESIGN means there’s NO PROTRUDING LENS TO KNOCK OFF – so they won’t impede your driving or wreck your ride.
EASIEST, CLEANEST INSTALLATION – MOD IT BEAUTIFULLY w/ 3 FOOT LONG WIRE: If you can flip on a power tool, you can install Oznium LED Lights. Simply drill a 11mm (about 7/16″) hole, route the 3 FEET of 22AWG WIRE, slip the LED through, twist on the 2 locking nuts, then hook up the +/- (red/black ground). SIMPLE TWO WIRE HOOKUP means you’re INSTALLED IN MINUTES and LOW POWER DRAW ensures you can INTEGRATE with YOUR AUTO’S WIRING with 100% peace of mind – NO FUSE UPGRADES REQUIRED!