1500w LED Grow Light with Bloom and Veg Switch,Yehsence (15W LED) 3 Chips LED Plant Growing Lamp Full Spectrum with Subdivision controlfor Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

👍【VEG / BLOOM Double Switch】VEG and BIOOM are function switch, that can be set according to the plants in the different stage, VEG switch for the plants in the germination or beginning to leaf stage, contains blue and white leds (430-660nm), BIOOM switch for the plant in flowering and fruiting stage and contains red and white leds (430-740nm), We recommend that both switches be turned on in flowering and fruiting stage for the plant.
👍【Daisy Chained design】The 1500w LED grow light with Daisy Chained design which supports more item connect in Parallel at the same time, one item working current 2.3 Ampere,input voltage AC85-265V.
👍【Triple-Chips LED】15W LEDs (3pcs 5w chips in every led) which is much brighter and efficient than double and single chips,scientifically engineered to keep the balance of the PAR/Lumen Output,Let your plants enjoy the natural sunshine,2mm Holes on the aluminum panel for heat convection, two cooling fans and heat sink in every led grow light fixture, keep the lights cool and quiet, no hurt for plants.

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